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This blog represents my perspectives on prominent issues in the global economy and my implementation of theories and works from university.

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How Entrepreneurial is Škoda Auto?

Introduction Entrepreneurial management has become a research area of importance not only to start-up firms but also to large corporations as innovation and creativity now plays a larger role than ever to sustain a competitive advantage in a certain industry. An entrepreneurial manager’s role comprises not only being a visionary, a calculated risk taker and…

Flat Rate VAT on All Goods?

A number of necessary goods in the UK have zero VAT and an analysis of applying a flat rate of 20% tax on such commodities should be conducted in terms of welfare. A value added tax [VAT] is a percentage tax on value added at each stage of production. However, price elasticities of demand of…

Lockdown vs. No Lockdown

The ongoing pandemic has brought concern over whether or not certain policies should be implemented to combat the growth of COVID-19. Certain textbook and classical economic measures have been used as a benchmark to evaluate the effectiveness of a lockdown across Europe and most of the world. While some such as Norway and Sweden differ…

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